WHY PRAY? (1 OF 6)

by Jeff Schreve

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Why Pray? (1 of 6)
Series: The School Of Prayer
Jeff Schreve
Psalm 116:1-9

I want to start a new series today entitled, ''The School of Prayer.'' I feel like the Lord has just really placed prayer as the need of the hour on my life, on our church. And so I want to talk in this series just about basic things that many of us somehow miss when it comes to prayer. You know, if you've been around church any time at all, you know about this thing called prayer, but sometimes it's kind of illusive. And sometimes it's kind of like, ''Ah, I don't know if I can do that very well.'' And heaven forbid, if somebody should ask you to pray out loud (gasp), that would be frightening. ''I wouldn't know what to say.''

And, you know, we sometimes sing that song, Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer, but we shudder at the thought of really praying for an hour. I mean, how do you do that, pray for an hour? I'd run out of things to say, and my mind would wander, and I would secretly wonder this: Does this do any good? I mean, am I just talking to the light bulb? I mean, is this really connecting with God or am I just talking to myself? Why pray?

I did a little google search on the question, why pray? And one of the things that came up on the first page, why pray, was a blog from an atheist. And this atheist blogger said, ''I think prayer is the most ridiculous, useful less thing a person could ever do.''

Why pray? You know, the Scriptures says in 2nd Timothy chapter 2 and verse 1, ''The first thing,'' Paul told Timothy, ''the first thing I want you to do is pray.'' Why? Why do you want me to do that, Paul? Why is that the first thing? Why pray? Somebody could say, ''Well, you know, why pray? It's because God tells you to pray.'' That's kind of like the answer when you ask your parents, ''Why do you want me to do this?'' ''Just do what I say. It's because I told you so, that's why you do it. Do it because I told you.''

Well, we could say, ''Why pray?'' Well, G ...

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