by Jeff Schreve

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How Great Is Your God? (4 of 6)
Series: The School of Prayer
Jeff Schreve
Ephesians 3

A 1400 In 2004, Chris Tomlin said he was in his apartment in Austin, and he was reading Psalm 104 that talked about the splendor of God. And in a moment of inspiration, he wrote down some words and some chords and put it together, and he wrote the song that's called How Great is Our God. How Great is Our God was on his 2004 album. It quickly became a number one song. Even today, it is the second most popular song of worship songs sung in churches, How Great is Our God. Now he wrote that song not as a question. It wasn't How Great is Our God?It's How Great is Our God! It was a declaration. Our God is so great! Just blows you away with His splendor and majesty and glory. Well, I want to take that and turn it a little bit and twist a little bit and turn that declarative statement into a question, and I want to turn it into a personal question. And the question is this: How great is your God?

You know, for most of us, we have this idea of God that is so much smaller than what God really is. That plagues all of us. That plagues me. That plagues you. That plagues Billy Graham. That plagues theologians. J.B. Phllips wrote a book in the 1950s that said this: ''Your God is too small. We all have trouble when it comes to understanding the vastness of God because God is beyond what your brain, what your grey matter, can comprehend.'' But there is a way to tell, personally, how great you think God is. And the way you tell is to look at your prayer life, to look at how you pray and what you pray for. Are you praying big prayers that show you believe in a big God, a God who can part the Red Sea, a God who can raise Lazarus from the dead, a God who can move mountains, a God who can change any situation (snaps fingers) just like that or are you praying to this little God who struggles with your problems to make ends meet at the end of the month? How great is your God? We're in a series ...

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