by Jeff Strite

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Committing A G-rated Marriage (2 of 6)
Series: Raising A G-rated Family In An R-rated World
Jeff Strite
Ephesians 5:21-33

OPEN: In our series of building a G-rated home in an R-rated world, one of the things we need to realize is that much of what we've come to believe about marriage has come from those who teach an "R-rated" view of how married people ought to think. God's view of marriage is far different than this world's concept. There are several in our congregation this morning who are not presently married, and while this sermon doesn't directly apply to you… there are things you can learn this morning that will help your friends and families in their marriages.

ILLUS: Many young couples get nervous during their wedding ceremony. Some will get so nervous they shake, others sweat, some will cry, others experience their ring finger swelling to the point where their partner can't get the ring on their finger.
A preacher by the name of Tim Coop was performing a wedding ceremony some time ago and the young bride became nervous to the point where she got the giggles.
He was repeating the vows for her and got to the place where he says, "till death due us part" and the bride started laughing.
There was an awkward silence in the church.
They waited until she settled down. Then he said again, "Till death due us part."
This time she said, "Till . . ." and burst out in the giggles again. The congregation began to giggle with her.
Tim tried a 3rd time and said to the Bride: "Till death due us part." And she couldn't get it out. She started laughing again.
Finally Tim leaned over to her and said: "Well, if you don't want "til death do us part", would you settle for a couple of years."

APPLY: We're going to focus today on one of the most significant cornerstones of a strong family: two people who have decided to make their marriage last til death does them part. A husband and wife who strive to make their marriage strong and lasting.

Now when I f ...

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