by Jeff Lynn

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That's Not Fair! (2 of 6)
Series: Get Busy Dying
Jeff Lynn
Matthew 20:1-16

TEXT: Matthew 20:1-16


As most of you know we are spending the next 40-plus days heading into Easter getting busy dying to ourselves and taking up our cross in order to follow Jesus more passionately, obediently, and joyfully.

The title of the series, "Get Busy Dying" speaks to the intentionality and proactive nature of this; we don't naturally default to dying to ourselves and crucifying the flesh.
We default to our sinful nature if we don't discipline ourselves for the purpose of godliness.
Because we are selfish.

I mean, come on, now, a new word that has been coined lately is the word "selfie".

Microsoft Word doesn't even recognize this as a word; but it's become popular over the last decade to the point that the World English Dictionary has added it to its lexicon.

A "selfie" is a self portrait that you take with a smart phone or camera, and then post it on a social media site.

Here are some of the most popular selfies:

Pic of Justin Bieber = Justin Bieber
Obama at Mandela Funeral = Obama
Ellen DeGeneres at Oscars = the most viral selfie ever.
Black Ape = Self-portrait of a female in ape in Indonesia, who had picked up photographer David Slater's camera and photographed herself with it.

So, we default to selfishness.

If you weren't here last Sunday and have yet to listen to last week's message I strongly encourage you to go watch it or listen to it.

It will give you a greater understanding of this series and about this 40-day period leading into Easter.

Last Sunday, when setting up this series, I talked about one of the ways to begin to crucify the self was to fast, which meant originally to abstain from food for a certain amount of time for a specific purpose.

In our case, it's emptying ourselves of us and filling ourselves with Christ.

I've heard people say throughout my years of being a pastor t ...

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