by Ernest Easley

The Resurrected One
Ernest L. Easley
Isaiah 42:1-7

Do you remember what the angel said on that first Easter Sunday morning at the tomb of Jesus?

''He is not here, He is risen!''

Who raised Him from the dead? God the Father raised Him, that's who!

Acts 13.30, ''But God raised Him from the dead.'' And why was He raised? So that we might have abundant and eternal life!

Romans 6.4, '' .. Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.''

In other words, God raised Jesus from the dead so that we might have daily victory over sin and eternal life! Because Jesus lives, I live: abundantly and eternally! Abundant life is mine NOW! Eternal life is mine NOW! And it all hinges on the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Now on this Easter Sunday morning, we're going to be looking at an Old Testament Messianic passage of scripture that the New Testament tells us was fulfilled by the resurrected Jesus.

In fact, you need to know that the resurrection of Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies of God. There are about 300 passages in the Old Testament that speaks to the coming of Jesus and all 300 prophecies were fulfilled in the life of Jesus. And the most remarkable fulfillment of prophecy was the literal resurrection of Jesus from the dead!

Let me ask you something: what impact does the resurrection have on your life? I mean, as you face the pressures of life, as you make life choices, as you cope with life reversals, what difference does the resurrection of Jesus make in your everyday life?

The tragedy today is that too many believers live as if the Jesus never lived, never died and never rose from the dead. They know their sins are forgiven and that they are going to heaven, yet at the same time they live in bondage to godless thing and struggle trying to cope with life. His resurrection is present in their belief but it's absent in their behavior!

You also need to know before we ...

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