by Duane Bemis

Prophetic Masterpiece of Easter
Duane Bemis
Mark 14:57-61

I heard a voice calling me from on high and the Spirit said, ''Only a magnificent Creator, Elohim, could first paint the shadow of an object to define and point all to the real object. I want you to paint another Masterpiece through your words and your artwork about God's beloved Son, Jesus the Christ the Jewish Messiah. This time I want you to reveal to the reader, 'Prophetic Masterpiece of Easter.'''

I answered, ''Lord, here I am. I am a man of common ancestry, but I am here with pen and paper to record Your message about the, Prophetic plan for Easter revealed through the verses of the Old Testament.''

As an artist I understood the statement that I heard from the Father who sits on His throne in Heaven. I know this shadow thing all too well. I wrote the Prophetic Masterpiece of Christmas a couple of years ago. Are you ready to read about God's supernatural plan, which proves that God really did come in the flesh?

Let's get back to painting on a canvas. When you take a blank canvas and begin painting you never start with the shadows. You start with the real objects for they determine where the shadows are going to be placed.

Take a still life painting as an example. You start with a light source, and then arrange your real objects. Let us say for the sake of this demonstration you have a bowl of mixed fruit. In this bowl you have an oranges, apples, grapes, and bananas. You place the bowl on the table and then you start to paint. You paint from the farthest background point and then you paint towards the front. You start with the background. After the background is complete you then start painting the table that the bowl rests on. After this you start with the furthest back piece of fruit and work your way to the front. But you never start with the shadows first; you start with the real fruit. Then according to the real objects, such as a banana and from that real object comes the sha ...

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