by Ernest Easley

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The Believer and His Body - Pt. II (21 of 40)
Series: Living Under Kingdom Authority
Ernest L. Easley
1 Corinthians 6:12-20

Living Under Kingdom Authority not only involves our minds (what we think!), it involves our bodies (what we do!). The things we think and the things we do are linked together. What we think will eventually cause us to do what we do. No wonder God tells us to ''renew our minds.''

We are currently in a study of the book of 1 Corinthians under the heading: Living Under Kingdom Authority, learning about the authority God has given us over the power of the enemy. And let me say again that the more I understand about living under kingdom authority, the more I want to live under kingdom authority.

That's where the power is for overcoming strongholds in our lives.

That's where the power is for living as an over comer.

That's where the power is for living in victory to godly things

rather than living in defeat to ungodly things.

We can live in daily victory! You can live in daily victory! I can live in daily victory and the secret is living under Kingdom Authority.

As we come to chapter 6 beginning in verse 12, we discover that when God saved us, He not only saved our soul (psyche) and our spirit, He also saved our bodies. You're looking at a man whose Soul is saved, whose Spirit is saved and whose Body is saved.

Well, the believers at Corinth didn't understand that and by the way a lot of believers use and misuse their bodies today, we're not much different.

You see, they thought nothing was wrong with having sexual relations with temple prostitutes because their bodies would one day perish and that it had nothing to do with their soul that God had saved. They were making a distinction between their soul and their body. What they did with their bodies didn't matter so long as their soul was saved. Sounds like a lot of believers today, doesn't it?

Well, let's pick up where we left off this morning beginning in ...

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