by Wayne Hinson

Faithful Steps That Perfect Us
Wayne Hinson
II Timothy 3: 14-17

This book of II Timothy has definite military overtones. More precisely, this epistle reminds us of the instructions that a retiring commander would relate to his replacement. The fact that there is a war occurring, has already been established in previous verses, and while Timothy may not ever experience all the battle fronts that Paul has endured, he nonetheless is Paul’s replacement on the spiritual battlefield. We can easily gather that Paul wants Timothy to understand that a soldier of the cross must first set priorities in his life. If he is to be a defender of the truth, then he must know where the truth is, and why that truth is actually the truth of almighty God. These few verses contain a wealth of information that every preacher and pastor would do well to absorb into their daily diet of spiritual food. Just as it is vitally important to know what to wear to the battle, it is even more important to understand why you are in the battle and what you are fighting for. As David knew these things when he set out to fact Goliath the giant, so should we. When he was offered man made armor, he refused it and stayed with what God had blessed him with. He understood what he was to fight with. When all the army of Israel cowarded down to the giant, the shepherd boy David said, “is there not a cause?” He also knew why he was to do battle with Goliath. Notice with us that faithful steps that will perfect us requires:

I. Staying on your side of the road

A) While Walking (“vs 14 “but continue thou in the things which thou has learned”)

Illus: When I was a small lad, growing up in a cotton mill village, I did a lot of walking. Walking then was not for exercise or to stay in shape, but was a dire necessity. Autos were used only for the most important necessities in life. So I walked to school, to church, and to town. As a matter of fact, I walked almost everywhere, except wh ...

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