by Jeff Strite

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Hail, King of the Jews (5 of 9)
Series: Whose Line Is It?
Jeff Strite
Mark 15:15-21

OPEN: (TRUE STORY) A detective, was investigating a church burglary. But he had a problem: the suspect (who he just knew had committed the crime) wouldn’t admit to it.
Finally, the preacher of the church stepped in and asked to speak to the suspect alone. Within minutes, the preacher emerged and gave the detective the name of the pawnshop where the stolen items could be found.
The detective was amazed. “How did you do that?” he asked.
“I told him you could send him to jail,” the preacher replied, “but I could send him to hell.”

APPLY: I have noticed that people behave differently - depending upon who they think they are in the presence of. That burglar felt he could get away with bluffing a police detective… but when he felt he was in the presence of a representative of an all seeing God, he changed his tune quickly..

I. I can’t help but think (if the Roman soldiers of that day had realized who they actually had in custody) they would have treated Jesus a whole lot more respectfully than they did.
But they had no idea who Jesus was.
They had no idea that they had the Son of God in their hands.
They had no idea that if Jesus had wanted to they’d have all been dead on the ground long before they uttered their first insult …or struck their 1st blow.

But – they didn’t know.
They didn’t a clue as to who they have in their presence…

So they behaved like they ordinarily would with any prisoner. Especially a Jewish prisoner. Particularly a Jewish prisoner who had the audacity to claim to be a king.

Notice the cruelty and the inhuman behavior they exhibit.
• They put a Purple robe on his scarred back
• Push down a sharp-spined crown of thorns upon his head
• Spit on Him
• Mock Him
• Strike Him on his head with a staff
• And then, they fall down on their knees in mock humility pretending to pay Him homage “Hail King of the Jews”

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