by Jeff Schreve

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Seven Habits of Highly Effective Christians (1 of 13)
Series: Famous Last Words
Pastor Jeff Schreve
2 Timothy 1:1-11

If you have your Bible, please turn to 2 Timothy. We’re starting a new series tonight, a series on the Book of 2nd Timothy. It’s the last letter that Paul ever wrote. We’re calling this series, “Famous Last Words.”

Now, in the Apostle Paul’s life, you know, he wrote most of the New Testament. God had him do that by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In the Book of Acts, we read through his life, his conversion, and all the things that he did. The Book of Acts ends in chapter 28 and Paul is in prison in Rome, but he’s under house arrest. And he has some sort of freedom, although he’s chained to Roman guards, there is a little bit of freedom. He can have people come and see him, and things are not that bad. He’s in his own rented quarters, the Scripture talks about. But most people believe that after that happened which was probably 63 A.D., he was released from his incarceration in Rome, and he went on to do more missionary work. And then, when Nero became Emperor and, began his persecution of Christians, it was, I think, 64 A.D. when he lit Rome on fire and then blamed the Christians, and the persecution of Christians really began to heat up. And Paul was arrested and put in prison in Rome a second time, but this time not under house arrest, not in his own rented quarters. He’s in the jail in the dungeon, and it’s bad. And he knows that he is getting ready to be killed for his faith and for his witness. And so he writes a letter to Timothy. Timothy was his child in the faith. Timothy was somebody who was very, very special to Paul. And Paul shares his last words with Timothy, his young disciple. You and I can learn so much about the Christian life and about what’s important when you hear somebody’s last words, the last thing that God had on Paul’s heart to share with Timothy, to share with you and me.

Now I think we would all agree that Paul ...

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