by Jeff Schreve

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Courageous or Ashamed (2 of 13)
Series: Famous Last Words
Pastor Jeff Schreve
2nd Timothy 1

If you'll take your Bible please and turn to 2nd Timothy chapter 1. I'm going to speak to you tonight on this subject: “Courageous or Ashamed.”

I want you to look at a picture of a guy that we're going to have up on the screen.


See if you can tell me who that is. Yeah, that is Francesco Schettino. I didn't think you'd remember him, but I knew you would remember this picture. That's, his claim to fame. And if you remember anything about that story, the Costa Concordia, the captain of the ship was bringing that ship in close to give a little show for the islanders there, and thought he knew what he was doing. Hit some rocks, ended up tearing up the ship.

And it ended up going on its side. And the thing that made it especially bad, not just the people that were killed in that tragedy, but was the captain left the ship. He said he fell in a lifeboat and he was off the ship by 11:30. And they didn't evacuate the ship until about 5:00 that morning. So 11:30 at night he was out of there. He was talking to his superiors who kept telling him, “You get yourself back on that ship.” You know, the captain goes down with the ship, but not in Schettino's case. And so he is forever known as Francesco Schettino, the chicken of the sea. And I saw a poster today and there was a picture of the captain, and it had this caption: It says, “I don't always abandon ship, but when I do, I'm first!” That's kind of a bad deal. You know, to be associated the rest of your life as a coward, as someone who didn't stand up, wasn't counted, wasn't courageous. He was a coward. And because he was a coward, now he is covered in shame. Paul was a courageous Christian. And he was writing to young Timothy, the last letter he ever penned before he was executed for his faith under the persecution of Nero. And this is his Last Will and Tes ...

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