by Jeff Schreve

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Do You Follow? (9 of 13)
Series: Famous Last Words
Pastor Jeff Schreve
2 Timothy 3:10-15

If you have your Bible, please turn to 2nd Timothy chapter 3. We’re going to look at several verses in chapter 3.

Everybody knows by now that social media is a big deal in our world. I watched for the first time the movie called, “The Social Network,” which was the story of FaceBook. Anybody ever see that movie? It’s very interesting. Mark Zuckerberg, the guy’s brilliant and how he put FaceBook together. And not a super nice guy if you see the movie but he made, you know, billions of dollars with FaceBook because people want to be on FaceBook. How many people in this room are on FaceBook, can I see your hand? Okay. You know, that was started out as a college kid thing. And that’s how he built it, a Harvard thing. And then the kids got into it, and the younger kids, and now the older people are into it and now the kids are off it. No (laughter), they don’t want to be on that. So what they’ve gone to now, and which is very popular, started in 2006, is this thing called Twitter. How many people in here are on Twitter? Okay, a lot less. Twitter is a way to blog. It’s a social media thing. You can only do 140 characters. And you can type out 140 characters and that can be your message, and that’s all you get to send out at one time. And in Twitter when you send out a message, that’s called a tweet. And on Twitter, you have people you’re following and people who follow you. And the only people that get to see your messages are the people that follow you. And so I started Twitter, I don’t know a couple of years ago. And more and more people are doing it now. And the statistic I read today said that 500 million people are users of Twitter. So it’s a growing thing, a social media thing. And as I said, it has people that you follow and people who follow you. Now, when I first started, my son-in-law, he was getting me involved in Twitter, and it’s like, “Okay, well, who do you fo ...

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