by Jeff Schreve

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Fulfilling Your Ministry (12 of 13)
Series: Famous Last Words
Pastor Jeff Schreve
2 Timothy 4:5-8

This is Paul's last chapter before he is martyred for his faith. And I've entitled the message tonight, “Fulfilling Your Ministry.”

Now how many in here would say or maybe confess that they're not good with directions? Anybody not good with directions? I am terrible with directions, just awful. I think I told you this story about driving to Shreveport and getting lost, taking a wrong turn, going through the Doddridge coming back to Texarkana. It's just an embarrassing thing when that happens since it's only one turn, you know. I mean, it's kind of hard. The sign says, “Shreveport, take a left,” I took a right. But I wasn't paying attention. And I was on the phone, and that can cause problems. But I don't have a good sense of direction. When I went to my senior prom, I got bad directions that kind of hurt me and then, I'm stubborn on top of it and I didn't want to stop. And we were supposed to be in downtown Houston, and my date, who was trying to be nice, said, “You know, there's a sign there that says Galveston next exit.” She said, “I think we've missed it.” And I finally turned around, got to the restaurant and the party that we were supposed to meet was eating dessert, and so we missed most of it. But I am not good with directions. One of the greatest inventions has been the GPS. And I have one for my phone and you just type in wherever you need to go. And if you miss your turn, you hear kind of weird noise, which means, “You're an idiot. You missed your turn.” But then it'll recalculate on you and it'll tell you where to go. And so you can get lost a little bit, but it's hard to do that.

Now you might be here tonight and you need to recalculate. Maybe you have gotten off track and off course in your walk with the Lord. And tonight, we're going to really take a hard look at this thing called your ministry. Paul talks to Timothy, and he says in chapter 4 ...

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