by Jeff Schreve

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Do You Know Why? (1 of 6)
Series: Living on Purpose
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Isaiah 43:7

Mother was in the kitchen preparing lunch, and four year-old Jack and two year-old Sarah were in the bedroom playing. And all of a sudden there is a terrible, horrible scream and a cry. And mother runs in and she sees Jack, and Sarah has his hair and she's pulling his hair and he's screaming and crying. He says, “She's pulling my hair.” And so mother separates them, and says, “Now, Jack, you've got to understand. She's little. She's only two. She doesn't understand that that hurts.” He said, “Okay.” So mother goes back in the kitchen. About three minutes later there's a loud scream. This time it's Sarah. Jack comes in with a big smile, and says, “She knows now!” (laughter). There's a difference between doing it accidentally and doing it on purpose.

We are starting a new series today and it's entitled, “Living on Purpose.” Living a life that is lived strategically, that is lived with focus that is lived according to a plan, and that plan is God's plan. Sad truth: So many people, they don't have any purpose to their life. There's no focus to their life. They're just kind of floating around. They're just kind of blowing with the wind. And they go to work, they draw their breath, they draw their salary, they go to school and they do the work at school, and then they're involved in sports or extra-curricular activities but there's nothing that is pro-active. Life just is kind of reactive. God doesn't want us to live that way. He wants us to live life on purpose. Now, to kick this series off, we want to look at the critical, fundamental question that people have been asking for thousands of years. It's the question why, why? Why am I here? Why am I on Planet Earth? Some of you may remember the 1992 Presidential, Vice-Presidential debate between, Al Gore and Dan Quayle and Ross Perot's running mate, Admiral James Stockdale. And nobody knew Admiral James Stockdale. And he gets up, ...

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