by Jeff Schreve

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Let’s Talk About Love (4 of 6)
Series: Living on Purpose
Pastor Jeff Schreve
1 Corinthians 13:1-8

Well, I have a question for you today. How many in this room would say that you like country music? See your hand. You're, you're a country music fan. You know my wife loves country music, and I love my wife, and so I've gotten to love country music. But, you know almost all country music songs, they kind of tell a story. Have you noticed that? They tell a story. And a lot of times in country music – it's changing a little bit – but kind of the bulk of it has to do with love. And oftentimes it's kind of love sickness. It's “My wife left, my dog died, my truck was repossessed.” You know, it's just all these things that I love are now gone. You know it used to be back in the day, they used to take records and they'd play them backwards. They called it backward maskings to see if you play these rock records backwards if it said anything about the devil. And they had different records where they could find it. You know it would say Satan or something like that. If you play a country and western record backward, you get your wife back, your dog back, your truck back. You get it all back (laughter) because it talks about that stuff.

Well, I ran into some actual country and western songs that speak of love and the absence of love, love sickness. And these are probably ones you haven't necessarily heard of before. They weren't really popular, but actual songs.

This one says, „I've got tears in my ears from my lying on my back in bed while I cry over you.” Just a sad song (laughter). How about this one? “I went back to my fourth wife for the third time and gave her a second chance to make a first-class fool out of me” (laughter). Say it in a sentence. He's just got everything in there. How about this one? “If your phone don't ring, it's me not calling you up” (laughter). They didn't have a good relationship there. “If you can't live without me, why aren't you dead y ...

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