by Jeff Schreve

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On Fire and On Target (5 of 6)
Series: Living on Purpose
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Act 1:1-8

I'm going to mention a name, and if you know this name – it's a sports name – I want you to raise your hand. The name is Greg Kite. How many people remember Greg Kite? No hands anywhere. Greg Kite was a professional basketball player. Greg Kite grew up in Houston. He was a big deal in Houston. He was a year ahead of me. He went to Madison High School. Greg Kite was a huge guy, 6' 11”, 250 lbs. His team didn't win State, but they got to the semi-finals of the State tournament 5-A. And then he went off to Brigham Young University. And then he played for 12 seasons in the NBA. Now the reason you don't know the name Greg Kite is because he wasn't a star by any means. He was a journeyman. He played for the Celtics for 5 or 6 years, won 2 NBA championships and has two rings. But he was the guy that would come in when the real center was in foul trouble or tired or whatever, played like 10, 12, maybe 15 minutes. His career stats, just to give you an idea, for a career he averaged 2.5 points a game and 3.8 rebounds a game and a lot of fouls. He was just kind of a hacker and just a guy with not a lot of talent.

Here's the point about Greg Kite, because you're thinking, Why are you talking about Greg Kite? I'm probably the only preacher in the world who has ever used Greg Kite as an illustration, perhaps, I don't know. Normally it's Michael, or LeBron, or somebody like that. Here's the thing about Greg Kite. When he played, the teams knew, and the coach knew, this guy can do this thing. He can rebound. He can play defense. He can give you about 10 minutes. He's not going to score unless he just rebounds one and, you know, everybody else falls down, and he can throw it back in. He just wasn't really good like that, but he knew his role. He knew his purpose, and he did it well. Now we're in a series called “Living on Purpose.” We're talking about what has God put you on earth for, w ...

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