by Jeff Schreve

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Why It Matters to Live on Purpose (6 of 6)
Series: Living on Purpose
Pastor Jeff Schreve
2 Corinthians 5:10

How many people in here like or liked high school, can I see your hand? The students, how many of you guys like high school? All right and adults, how many of you, when you think back on high school, did you like it? Debbie, is your hand up? No. Debbie didn't really like high school. I loved high school. I was in the first graduating class from my high school, Cyrus Creek High School in Houston. And I started there when I was in 10th grade. That was when the school opened. I was in 10th grade. We didn't have any juniors and seniors, so we were the oldest class in 10th grade, 11th grade, and then 12th grade and I loved it. And I had great friends, and I had great fun. And I played on the basketball team, and we had a good team. And it was just a lot of fun for me. And I learned great lessons in high school. One of the lessons I learned in high school was a lesson on efficiency. For instance, sometimes in high school, we would have film day, you know, in one particular class. The teacher was going to show some kind of film. Like science class, we didn't have Bill Nye, the science guy. It was some other guy that was going to do some kind of science. And so she would show that, and it would be like the whole class period. Or government, they'd have some film the whole class period. And my first question was always this: Is this going to be on the test? (laughter). It's efficiency. It's an efficiency question, because if she or he, whichever the teacher was, said no, then film day was fun day. It was free day. It was like, “I'm not paying any attention to this. Why? I'm not going to be tested over this. I'm not going to be responsible for this.” But if my teacher said, “Yes, you are going to be tested over this material. You will see this material again,” then you had to pull out a piece of paper and get a pen. Then you had to follow along. Then you had to t ...

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