by Jeff Schreve

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The Lonely Guy (4 of 6)
Series: Man Up
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Ecclesiastes 4

If you have your Bible, please turn to Ecclesiastes chapter 4. Go to Psalms and take a right, and Proverbs Ecclesiastes, then Song of Solomon. Ecclesiastes chapter 4. We're in a series called “Man Up: God's Guide to Real Manhood.” And we've been talking for the last few weeks about wounds that so many guys carry in their hearts. Not just guys, but girls, too. But there are wounds in a guy's heart that can keep them stuck in boyhood and stuck in a position in life that limits them and inhibits them from really becoming a man God wants them to be.

We talked two weeks ago about the father wound, the absent father wound. And many of us have dealt with that and have experienced that where dad wasn't there for you. For whatever reason, he wasn't there. He was either physically gone, or he was emotionally gone, and the wound that that, that left in your heart as a boy growing up, or a girl growing up, and how we need to forgive our dads so that we can be set free from that wound. We talked last week about the opposite kind of wound, which is the mother wound, but it's an overly bonded to mother wound. It's where mother becomes too close to us. The father wound is where dad's not there. The mother wound is where mom is there too present and she is just constantly there. And you can't fulfill the Scripture, Genesis 2:24, “For this cause a man shall leave his father and his mother and cleave to his wife.” And man experience that wound where mom is too close. I talked to one mom last week, and she said, “Well, what do you do if the son is too close to me?” Well, the answer to any of those things, whether it's mom too close, or it's son too close, the answer is to cut the apron strings and to cut the emotional tie there so that the son can go out and be the man that God wants him to be. Well, today, we want to talk about another wound that many men carry in their hearts, and it's the wound of fe ...

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