by Jeff Schreve

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Pushing Through the Fear (1 of 4)
Series: Courageous
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Judges 6-7

Do you ever struggle in your life when it comes to doing the will of God? Do you face fear? Do you struggle with fear? Fear is something that comes into every human heart. Fear is what the enemy uses to try and keep us from pushing through and doing what God has called us to do.

Now, as you know, my favorite movie character is Rocky Balboa. Rocky is a guy. I love him so much as that movie character because he's a guy with limited ability and miles and miles of heart. And he is such an overachiever. And the story of Rocky is just, wow! And in the Rocky story, chapter 3, he is now the heavyweight champ of the world. He defeated Apollo Creed. Lost to him in Rocky 1; beat him in Rocky 2. Now he's the heavyweight champ. And he's winning, and he's kind of living the good life. And there's an up-and-coming challenger named Clubber Lang played by Mr. T. I pity the fool! And here is Mr. T, and he wants a shot at Rocky. But Rocky's manager, Mickey, he has seen Clubber Lang and he sees that this guy's a killer. And he doesn't want Rocky to fight him. But they finally set up the fight. And the night of the fight Mickey, Rocky's wonderful manager, has a heart attack. He dies that night. Rocky goes out and fights Clubber Lang and gets beaten to a pulp. And now he has all sorts of demons that he's battling. They set up a rematch, but there's something wrong with Rocky as he trains. Apollo Creed is now his trainer. And there's something wrong with Rocky. He's not training right. There's a problem inside. He's afraid. The great Rocky Balboa is afraid because he's human. Hey, humans get afraid. David, who went and battled Goliath, the only guy that had courage to battle Goliath, he got afraid. We know he got afraid because he says in Psalm 56, verse 3, “When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You.” He doesn't say, “If I am afraid.” He says, “When!” He got afraid. You get afraid. I get afrai ...

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