by Jeff Schreve

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Are You Arguing With God? (2 of 4)
Series: Courageous
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Exodus 3-4

How many in this room remember the name Paul Harvey? Remember Paul Harvey? Paul Harvey was a very, very famous radio announcer. He had a unique voice and he would come on and tell you to stay tuned for news. And you always just could pick out his voice. Well Paul Harvey died in 2009 – but one of the things that he started doing that was very, very interesting. He had this thing called “…the rest of the story.” And in that little segment on his broadcast, he would tell some interesting little tidbit of some famous person, some well-known person, but it was something that you didn't know. It was kind of history and mystery mixed together, and he would weave this yarn and tell this story about this person. And all of a sudden he'd reveal who this person was, and you're like, wow! I didn't really ever know that this happened to this famous person in his childhood or her childhood or in their back stories somewhere. It's very, very interesting to listen to “…the rest of the story.”

Well, when God presents His servants, a wonderful thing about God, He doesn't whitewash them. He doesn't sugarcoat them. He presents them, warts and all. He shows you what this one did that was great and what they did that was not so great. And when you read in the Scripture in the Book of Genesis, Noah, a great man of faith, and then, what does Noah do when he gets off the ark? He gets drunk! Not good. We read about Abraham, the father of all who believe, but Abraham didn't believe perfectly. And we read about his failures. You know, he kept lying about his wife, “Say you're my sister,” and that got him into all kinds of trouble. He left the will of God to go down to Egypt and that got him into trouble. He ended up bringing back an Egyptian handmaid named Hagar. And he ended up having a child with her, and that child, Ishmael, became the father of the Arabs. And Jews and Arabs have been having troub ...

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