by Jeff Schreve

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For Such a Time as This (4 of 4)
Series: Courageous
Jeff Schreve
Esther 4:1-17

For the past few weeks, we have been studying in a message series called, ''Courageous.'' It's how God shows up when you and I step up. And we've been learning from different people in the Bible how we can have courageous faith. You know, that's what God wants for you. That's what He wants for me. That's what He wants for us - to be people of faith, people who believe the Lord and who believe Him enough to step out on what He says.

Now sometimes we look at different people in the Bible, and in this series, we studied Gideon. We said, well, Gideon was a judge. Gideon won this great victory. Gideon was a guy just like you and me. Gideon was afraid, but he felt the fear and did it, anyway. We studied about Moses, the greatest Old Testament person who ever lived in the minds of the Jews. He was the one that God spoke to face-to-face. He was the one that argued with God when the call came. But he finally said, ''Yes, Lord,'' and God used him in great ways. Tremendous miracles through this man named Moses, an ordinary guy. We talked last week about Micaiah, who was a prophet who was willing to stand alone, but he was just an ordinary guy. God uses ordinary people and does extraordinary things through ordinary people who will just say, ''Yes, Lord,'' and take a step of faith.

Well, today, we want to look at a woman who was an ordinary woman, but she was raised up to a high position, and God used her in a great way. She had great faith. See, God has us operate by faith. God doesn't do anything unless you and I operate by faith. When two blind men came to Jesus, He said, ''What do you want Me to do for you?'' And they said, ''We want to see.'' And He said, ''Do you believe I'm able to do this?'' And they said, ''Yes, Lord.'' And He touched their eyes, and He said this: ''Be it done to you according to your faith.'' Not according to your fame, not according to your fortune, not accordi ...

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