by Jeff Schreve

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Seedtime (1 of 3)
Series: Seasons
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

Summertime is, arguably, the majority of peoples’ favorite time of year. It’s the kids’ favorite time of year because summertime is out-of-school time. And summertime tends to be vacation time. And it’s going to the pool, and going to the lake, and water skiing and going to the beach, and having cookouts and watermelon, and water parks – just a fun time is summertime. And we had a lot of fun last week as we had our big summer Sunday, and we had those things – hot dogs and watermelon and fun things and water slides and dunking booth, which wasn’t near as fun for Quinn and me and Mike. But it’s just a fun time. And summertime gives way to a really great time, and that’s called football. And football is coming! We’ve been in off-season, but tomorrow pre-season starts, and then in September we start in the full season. And I just love football. And you have Friday night lights for high school. And then you have Saturday college football game day for college. And then Sunday you have football, because you didn’t get enough football yet. And you have Sunday professional football during the afternoon. And then you have special Sunday night football. And then, because you might have missed the weekend, you have Monday night football. And I think that you could make the case that the greatest song ever written for football was on Monday night.

Are you ready for some football? That’s a great song, isn’t it? Well, I’m ready for football, and football season is coming quickly. Well, I wanted to use that just as a segway into the new series that we’re going to be starting today and it’s called “Seasons.” You know, in sports, you have seasons, and we’ve been in off-season football and now it’s pre-season, get ready for regular season football. Life is filled with seasons. The Scripture says in Ecclesiastes chapter 3, verse 1, a very familiar verse, “To everything (the King James says) there is a se ...

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