by Jeff Schreve

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Life’s Greatest Questions (1 of 11)
Series: Why on Earth Am I Here?
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Psalm 8:3

This morning we want to look in our very first sermon in this series at this subject: “Life's Greatest Questions.” You know, questions are so important to us in order to learn. I mean, that's how a person learns. You ask questions. In school, you listen. And when you don't understand something, you'd better ask a question so that you can understand it. We learn by asking questions.

Now I heard about three ladies who wanted to be detectives, and they were interviewing with the police sergeant to be a detective. And these ladies all happened to be blonde. They were blonde ladies. Now don't get mad at me. I have two daughters who are blondes. I have two sisters who are blondes. I, myself, used to be a blonde (laughter) years ago. But these women were three blondes. And the sergeant was testing them. And he had a picture of a suspect. And he said to them, “Now I want you to look at this picture.” And he said to the first one, “Look at that picture. Study that picture. I'll give you ten seconds with that picture and then I'm going to ask you this important question: How would you identify this guy? How would you pick him out? How would we catch him if we were looking for this guy? What distinguishing mark would you notice?” So he handed her the picture. She looked at it. She began to laugh. She goes, “Oh, I could catch him easy.” He said, “Oh yeah, how would you do it?” She said, “Well, it's so simple. He's only got one ear and one eye.” And he said, “Well, yeah, it's his profile. It's a profile of the guy.” He's like you know. And so to the next one he shows her the picture. He says, “Now look at this picture and think about this, and then you tell me how would we catch this guy. What distinguishing mark would we look for?” She looked at it. She gave it back to him. She said, “It was easy to catch him. He's only got one ear and one eye.” He said, “I know. It's a p ...

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