by Jeff Schreve

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Solved Mysteries (2 of 11)
Series: Why on Earth Am I Here?
Pastor Jeff Schreve
James 4:14

I want to ask you a question as we continue in our series on The Purpose-Driven Life. How do you see your life? You know, lots of people have metaphors for life, lots of philosophers and lots of just moonlighting philosophers like we have, so many of them have metaphors for life to try and describe life. Someone has said, “Life: Life is like Driver's Ed. You've got to buckle up, stay to the right, and watch out for turns.” And that's life. Someone said, “Life is like a video game, and you're just one level from the top.” That's kind of a positive view of life, that's good. Somebody said, “Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.” That's really true, isn't it? Ted Turner, billionaire, said this: “Life is like a B movie. You don't want to have to leave in the middle, but you don't want to see it again, either.” And that's how he described life.

Well, there's truth to all those metaphors about life. And the Bible asks the question in James chapter 4 and verse 14, “What is your life?” Think about it. What is your life? And the way you and I see life speaks volumes about us and the way we understand it. See, if you see life as a race, you're always going to be in a hurry. If you see life as a game, well, your goal is going to be to win. If you see life as a party, then your goal in life is to just have fun. Well, what does the Bible say about this thing called life? See, God in His Word uses metaphors. God teaches us so much with metaphors. He lets us understand something abstract through something that we know and we can experience. And the Bible gives three main metaphors for what life is that I want us to look at as we study this subject: “Solved Mysteries.” You know, there's a television show called “Unsolved Mysteries.” But we want to look at the mystery of life and see what God has to say about it and solve that mystery. ...

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