by Jeff Schreve

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Why Can’t We Be Friends? (4 of 11)
Series: Why on Earth Am I Here?
Pastor Jeff Schreve
James 2:21-23

I love that song, “Bless, Blessed be the name of the Lord.” Even when things are going bad, we’re to bless His name. That’s what Job did.

A few years ago, I was preaching on a Wednesday night, and that was my time to preach when I was at Champion Forest. And we had a good group that came every Wednesday night, close to 800, 1000 people that would come. And one Wednesday night I got through and I came down off the platform, and a guy met me. He shook my hand I’ll never forget it because he was a big, burly guy. He had a vice grip. I mean, he’d shake your hand and you would know who he was because he almost broke three bones in your hand. And he was just that kind of guy, he worked for the Sheriff’s Department. And he introduced himself. I’d never seen him before. He was kind of an unattractive guy and he really wanted to get to know me. He said, “I’ve been coming to church here on Wednesday nights.” And he never came on Sunday. Just started coming on Wednesday nights. He passed by our church and lived in the neighborhood. Passed by and said, “I’m going to go.” And he started to come. And he had made a connection with me from sitting in the audience. And he just made a determination. He watched me. He listened to me. He said, “I like that guy.” And he said, “I’m going to be friends with that guy.” And so this guy, Skip, he started to call me all the time. I mean, he’d call me several times a day and asked me about this and asked me about that. He said, “Can I take you to lunch? I really want to take you to lunch.” And I said, “Okay, we can go to lunch.” And so we went to lunch. And at lunch he said, “Can my wife and I take you and your wife to dinner?” I said, “Well, you know, that would be nice.” And so we went to dinner. And he was the one that knew Hakeem Olajuwon. He said, “Can I take you over to Hakeem’s house?” I said, “Yes.” You know, I’d like to do th ...

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