by Jeff Schreve

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Temptation Island (7 of 11)
Series: Why on Earth Am I Here?
Jeff Schreve
1 Corinthians 10:12

It's so good to see you here tonight. We are continuing our Forty Days of Purpose. And tonight, we want to talk about the issue of temptation.

I heard about a lady, and she was in a diet club with some other ladies and trying to lose weight. And she came to the meeting one day and she was so upset. She said, ''Oh, I've gained weight.'' She said, ''I just had a terrible, terrible weekend.'' And they said, ''Well, tell me what happened.'' She said, ''Well, I made a cake for my family over the weekend, and it was their favorite cake, and I made this cake. And I didn't eat any, but, but they ate half of it. And then, on Monday,'' she said, ''all I could think about was the cake. And I kept staring at the cake. And I thought, Well, surely, I can just have one little piece. And she said, ''So I cut a little piece and I ate that. And it was so good that I had another piece, and I ate that. And pretty soon I ate the whole half of the cake.'' And she said, ''I've gained weight, and I just feel so bad that I gave in to that temptation.'' And she said, ''And I just felt so horrible. My husband was going to be so disappointed in me.'' And they were commiserating with her. And then, one lady said, ''Well, what happened when your husband found out?'' She said, ''Well, that's the beauty of it. He never did find out. I made another cake and ate half!'' She was tempted and didn't do very well. Tempted and failed!

How do you do when you're tempted? One lady said, ''I can resist anything except temptation.'' Temptation is hard for us to resist. The devil knows where you're weak, and the devil will tempt you where you're weak. How do you do when you're tempted? How do you do when you're tempted to lust in order to satisfy the desires of your flesh? How do you do when you're tempted to lie in order to save face? How do you do when you're tempted to cheat? We've got tax time comin ...

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