by Jeff Schreve

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Improving Your Serve (8 of 11)
Series: Why on Earth Am I Here?
Jeff Schreve
Matthew 20

Well, as many of you know, I really like sports. I like to watch sports and I like to play sports. And one of my favorite sports to play is racquetball. I started playing racquetball when I was in college. And I had played some tennis when I was in high school, but tennis was always a hard game for me because, if you really swung hard or at least for me, when I really would swing hard, the tennis ball would go over the fence. And I just couldn't keep it down. So when I was in college, a friend of mine introduced me to racquetball. And there's no fence in racquetball. You're just in an enclosed area, and you can swing as hard as you want. And when I play sports, I just kind of have one speed and that's just all out. And I don't have much finesse, so I just swing hard. And I got to where I was decent at racquetball - not a great player, but I'm not a chop liver either. And I like to play with guys that are about my level, maybe just a little bit better, because you always get better playing better guys. And I've noticed when I play racquetball that I can do pretty well against those guys just a little better than I am if I have my serve working. If I'm hitting my serve, then I can really compete and, oftentimes, win. See, in racquetball, the serve is so important. So it is in life. So it is in the Christian life. Service is so very important.

And, see, when God made you and God fashioned you and God shaped you and formed you, He made you to be a contributor, not just a consumer. He made you to be a giver, not just a taker. He didn't make you to be some type of a reservoir where things go in and they never go out. He made you to be a conduit. He created you and fashioned you and shaped you for service. Now we've been journeying on The Forty Days of Purpose. And today is day 29. And we're starting the week of Purpose #4. Now we looked at Purpose #1, our purpose for life: the ...

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