by Ernest Easley

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Growing Older, But Not Growing Up - Pt. III (12 of 40)
Series: Living Under Kingdom Authority
Ernest Easley
1 Corinthians 3.5-17

We are learning these days from the New Testament book of 1 Corinthians that Kingdom Authority belongs to every children of God! Julie and I enjoy having two of our grandchildren at our home at least one day a week, sometimes more, depending upon how they are behaving at home.

Those two boys know that when they get to Papa and Grandma's house; that they are going to get to play with certain toys that they don't have at their home. I do believe that they have more toys to play with at our home at ages 3 and 2, than our children had their entire life, living at our home.

Well, I've noticed something recently: they have become bored with our toys. If not bored, tired of our toys. Not long ago they would walk into our home and run toward the toys and start playing with them, but not now. They walk in and now run right past the same toys that they once found irresistible. Toys that we got for them to play with and enjoy; now they are going unused.

I'm afraid that what has happened to those toys has happened to us concerning Kingdom Authority: what was given to us is now going unused leaving us living in defeat to ungodly things. It's time to reclaim the authority that God has given us over all the power of the enemy, with spirits subject to us, and living as ''more than conquerors.''

We have become like that Walleye Pike that was taken alive and placed in a large aquarium for an experiment. The water temperature and surroundings were adjusted to match the lake he was taken from. Then, buckets of minnows were dumped in. He thought he was in heaven. He quickly gobbled them all up.

A little later, the researchers played a trick on the fish. They placed a large glass cylinder of water into the tank, then filled it with minnows. The Pike started for the minnows again, only to bump his snout against the invisible barrier. He t ...

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