by Stan Coffey

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The Secret of the New Heaven and New Earth (8 of 9)
Series: Seven Startling Secrets of the Second Coming of Christ
Dr. Stan Coffey
Revelation 21:1- 27

Now we’ve studied in these nine lessons about the second coming of Christ. You will remember we’ve studied what’s going to happen when Jesus comes in the rapture. We’ve studied what’s going to happen when He comes in the air for his people.

Then we studied what’s going to happen after we move into the air to be with the Lord in that heavenly realm about the judgment seat of Christ, the marriage supper of the lamb. Then we studied what’s going to happen on the earth after the church is gone during that time called the Great Tribulation period.

Then we saw what would happen at the end of the great tribulation period when Christ came back in power and great glory and put away the beast and the false prophet.

Then we looked at what would happen during the time the Bible calls the millennium or the thousand year reign, actually does not use the word millennium but the thousand years mean a millennium.

So we saw what would happen on this earth when Jesus is the president. When Jesus rules and reigns literally upon this earth. There will be a thousand years of utopia. Then we saw last week that when the devil is lose for a little season, God’s divine experiment shows once again what is in the heart of man and how that when Satan is loose he is such a deceiver that he goes forth upon the earth and immediately there is a rebellion against God.

In spite of the fact, man has had a perfect environment for a thousand years and the perfect reign of Jesus Christ and He has had perfect health, man still rebels against God and so we saw that Satan then will be cast into the lake of fire and there will be a final judgment.

Now after the final judgment those who were not found written in the book of life were cast into the lake of fire. Now begins the new heaven and the new earth and so that is what we want ...

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