by Jerry Branch

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When God Does Not Answer (5 of 8)
Series: Prayer
Jerry Branch

Does God answer ALL prayer? Num 11.11-15; 3.23-29; Deut 32.48-52; 1 sam 28.6; isa 59.2; 2 sam. 12.15-20; 1 ki 19.4; matt 20.20-22; luke 9.51-56; job 6.8-9;

Does He answer the non-believer? 2 ki 5.15, 17; matt 15.21-28; dan 2-4; 6.4-27; 2 chron 36.22-23; ps 146.9; ps. 145.15

What do you do when your prayer is not answered, either HOW you want, or not answered at all? 2 cor 12.9; dan 10.12; luke 1.13; luke 1.6

Today…I want to talk about one of the most frustrating things that happens when we pray…we don’t get an answer, and after a while, we start to think God’s just not listening at all.

Many people who teach on prayer say that when we pray, there are always one of 3 answers from the Lord…Yes, No, or Wait. We can usually handle the Yes and the No (even though we always want the YES ones)…but even the NO answers seem to appease us because we’re thinking, well, I guess that God heard me, it’s just that He doesn’t feel a YES would be good for me, and I suppose that’s alright.

But then there are those ‘no answer’ times…those silence times…these are those ‘answerless-times’ that are the real killers.

Now, understand, this isn’t something only us who live today have experienced…because it’s not a NEW struggle experienced by God’s people.

So this morning since it’s really easy to deal with the Yes and the No answers…if we’re told we’re to do something, then we do it…if we’re told we’re not to do something, then we don’t do it…if we’re told that it wouldn’t be good for us to have something, or get over something, or not succeed at something, then ok…we know that God doesn’t want us to expend our energy or resources on that something…but those ‘NO answer times’…that’s what we’re going to look at and the way we’ll do it, is that we’re going to look at some Biblical examples and see what God’s Word tells us about HOW to properly deal with such times.


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