by Stan Coffey

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The Church of Satan and Satanism (4 of 6)
Series: The New Age Movement – The Occult and Devil Worship
Dr. Stan Coffey
Matthew 4:8-9


If you have your Bible this morning, I want us to take our outline. Our lesson today is “The Church of Satan and Satanism” and I want us to turn to Matthew Chapter 4 and I want us to read some scriptures and I want to teach from God’s word for a few minutes and then give you the information about Satanism and the Church of Satan.

I was preaching this week in Bakersville, California and God bless, we had around forty people saved, had seven people saved Friday night but while I was there a policeman answered a call to a home where there was a domestic disturbance going on.

The policeman trying to solve the problem or to help approached this home and a man was out in the yard of the home and he was praying to Satan and he was crying out aloud to Satan.

In the process of trying to bring this man under control, this policeman was shot and killed. A very tragic, tragic incident but again you see the involvement of the Satanic and the worship of Satan.

Last fall when I was in Arkansas on the eastern side of the state of Arkansas, while I was there, in that city a teenage girl who was found to be pregnant, she was unmarried, sixteen years of age, was found killed in an abandoned farmhouse in Arkansas and on all the walls there were symbols of Satan and the Church of Satan and occultic symbols.

The police believe that her murder was because she was a part of a Satanic group and it was believed by police that she had become some kind of perverted Satanic sacrifice and so what we’ve been talking about is very, very real.

Last Sunday we had our lesson with Bob Nations and then on Sunday afternoon some of you I know were here to see those slides of crimes scenes and the slides about the Church of Satan and so forth and I know that you are aware today of the problem but the r ...

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