by Rex Yancey

An Eighty Five Year Old Mountain Climber
Rex Yancey
Joshua 14:6-15

I appreciate the opportunity to preach to this regional Senior Adult Rally. I just love to be around old people! I was visiting a senior adult once in her home and we were having a great conversation. Then out of the blue she said, “Who were you before you married?” I had never been asked that question before. I couldn’t say anything for a brief period of time. I finally said, “I was a Yancey.” She said, “A Yancey.” Then we went on with our conversation. I did not understand her mental lapse then, but I have to confess that I understand it more now.

-My good friends, David and Wanda Hall, were at the beach one day. Wanda said to David, Let’s go shopping.” David said, “What do you want to buy?” Wanda said, “I don’t know.” David said, “Why would you want to leave the beach to go shopping when you don’t know what you are shopping for? How would you know when you found it?” Wanda said, “That’s your problem, David. Everything has to make sense to you!”

-I want to talk to you about something today that would not make sense to a large portion of the American population, or for the world, as far as that is concerned. I want to use this text to point out some of the characteristics in Caleb’s life that enabled him to say at eighty five, “Give me this mountain!”


This is found in verse 5, 9, and 14. “He wholly followed the Lord.” We find this phrase at least five times in the Old Testament. The word means “To close the gap.” It is a picture of a hunter closing in on his prey. Caleb was committed to keeping the distance between himself and the Lord at a minimum.

A mother told her daughters, 8 and 6, to go upstairs and tell their daddy that dinner was ready. The oldest beat the youngest up the stairs and jumped on her daddy’s knee. The youngest got on her daddy’s other knee. The oldest said, “I have all there is of daddy.” The youngest said, “You may have all t ...

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