by Kenton Beshore

Who is in Control
Kenton Beshore

Pastor: Good morning. I’m excited to be with you. I just flew in this last 24 hours ago, it seems, from London. I got to be with John Stott who has been a real powerful person in my life. If you don’t know who John Stott is, he’s an author. He’s written 23 books, I think. He wrote Basic Christianity. He sold millions of copies. It’s translated into 50 languages. He was called by [Billy Gram] [Phonetic 00:09:34], the most influential clergyman alive in the world today. So in case you’d know he was somebody impressive. But he’s a friend of mine. Surprisingly he dislikes me for some reason and which is a surprise to my wife always. And so I got to be with him for this last week and he’s just a wonderful Godly man that has invested in my life and I appreciate that you give me that opportunity to do that and to be with him. And I got to hear, I haven’t heard back his message, but I heard it was just wonderful. I heard that somebody almost as good as Scott saying last week and it was really spectacular. He had pulled out your outlines.

We’re going to continue on in our series on Daring Dependence, the Book of Daniel. What was the first sin? What was the first sin that people ever committed? You remember? It’s the thing that messes us up and causes us all sorts of confusion in our life. And it’s not only the first sin that people committed it’s also the most continual sin that we continue to fall into. Do you remember what it was in Genesis? The serpent comes to Adam and Eve and he tempts them and he says, if you eat of this fruit you will be, come on let’s say it together. You will be like God, Godlike. You will be able to control your life. You will be able to control others. There’s a beauty to that temptation, isn’t it? You can control your kids, your spouse, your friends, you can control the world and it wouldn’t be a bad thing if you could control them because you want good things for other people. I’d like to be able to contr ...

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