by Zach Terry

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The Woman and the Dragon (9 of 16)
Series: Revelation
Zach Terry
Revelation 12

INTRODUCTION: At this point we see a great shift in the book of revelation. If you don’t recognize this fact you will find it very difficult to interpret.

Rev. 1-3: Messages to the Churches
Rev. 4-9: Chronology of Judgement (seals, trumpets)
Rev. 10-15: The People of the Last Days
Rev. 16-22: Chronology of Judgement (final trumpet and bowls)

CONTEXT: Last week we saw two prophets. This week God gives John a sweeping vision of History specifically as it relates to Satan and God’s people.

There are basically two extreme dangers that people fall into when it comes to the study of Satan and Demons –

1. The other extreme is to overestimate Satan and Demons and bring them on par with God.

ILLUSTRATION: Someone put it this way – Just as A quarter lifted over the eye can obscure the blazing light of the sun. A star whose diameter is more than a million times larger than the sun. This person tends toward superstition and silliness.

2. They under estimate Satan and Demons –

Any time we see a National Tragedy what do people ask, “How were they raised, what was their culture like?” We don’t tend to account for supernatural evil.

What I’m saying it is wrong to act as if Satan was the only important part of the equation, but it is also wrong to act as if Satan is NOT part of the equation at all.

There are at least 3 Reasons you need a robust understanding of Satan and Demons:
1. You will be able to make sense of your life.
2. You will be able to develop more effective strategies.
3. You will develop greater compassion on others.

This text gives us a healthy perspective.
For a more exhaustive look at Satan and Demons check out book, “Our Spiritual Battlefield” on Amazon.

We see Satan as FAR more dangerous and powerful than us, but FAR less dangerous and powerful than God.
Erwin Lutzer said, “Blessed are those who are understand that ...

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