by Zach Terry

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Jesus, the Warrior King (13 of 16)
Series: Revelation
Zach Terry
Revelation 19

ILLUSTRATION: We love Christmas - When our oldest daughter was about 5, Baby Jesus always came up missing. She would take him to her room and Barbi would be the virgin Mary, one of our son’s Mr. Potato Heads would be Joseph and she would recreate the Nativity.
ILLUSTRATION: When Ricky Bobby prayed, he preferred to pray to 8lb 6oz newborn baby Jesus in his golden fleece diaper.

Well the fact is - when we mention Jesus we all have a theological perspective that comes to mind.

• Jesus Divinity to the Neglect of His Humanity - Some people are off balance and think of his deity apart from his humanity. As if Jesus were like Superman. Nothing really hurt him, temptation wasn’t really temptation. He might be dressed up like Clark Kent, but we know under that humanness exterior he was the man of steel. Was Jesus Divine? Yes! But he was also 100% human. In ART - This is the portrait of Jesus where he always has a halo around his head. If a guy’s head perpetually glows He might be God. And just in case you are in doubt, there’s that convenient logo on his robe with the heart and cross.

• Jesus Humanity to the Neglect of His Deity - Some people emphasize His humanity to the neglect of his Deity. This is the person who assumes Jesus is just like them. Sometimes - they even project their cultural norms and racial stereo types on Jesus. This is the Jesus with curly blonde hair, blue eyes… I’m sorry but I find that guy difficult to worship.

• Jesus Humility to the neglect of His Glory - This is when people over emphasize the qualities of Jesus that are in keeping with his nature as a Shepherd. Which makes you wonder, how was that guy able to drive the money changers out of the temple without the Roman Guards challenging him

Christmas is an excellent opportunity to get a
balanced view of who Jesus is.

When you look at the baby in the manger I want you to know what ...

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