by Zach Terry

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The Great White Throne Judgment (15 of 16)
Series: Revelation
Zach Terry
Revelation 20:7–15 (ESV)

OPENING ILLUSTRATION: A massive cultural shift has occurred in our lifetime that affects every aspect of western culture. Evidence of this change is all around you, it affects the political system, entertainment, religion, medicine and the arts.

Ironically, these monumental cultural changes have occurred by the simple redefining of one little word - tolerance.

In his book, “The Intolerance of Tolerance” - Theologian D. A. Carson explains how the definition of tolerance has changed from accepting that lots of people have different views, some of which are wrong, to being required to believe that all views are equally true.
OLD TOLERANCE - affirmed that:
(1) There IS objective truth that can be known;
(2) Various people and groups, think they know what that objective truth is.
(3) People and groups have the right to disagree, dialogue, and debate, while affording one the right to their opinion.
If you are over 30, when you were born that is what was meant by the concept of tolerance. We could affirm anyone’s legal right to be wrong.
The new tolerance is different from the old tolerance.
NEW TOLERANCE - The new view of tolerance assumes that
(1) There is no objective truth that can be known
(2) Various people and groups CANNOT claim to have the truth but only opinion.
(3) Various people and groups should not argue and debate their disagreements because there is no truth to be discovered and to assume otherwise only leads to needless conflicts and prejudices.

Therefore - you have no right to say that anyone’s choices are morally objectionable.

Not only has the definition changed - BUT no change has worked its way into the very fiber of society faster than the redefinition of tolerance.

California - This past year California Governor Jerry Brown announced that he had signed AB1266, which will allow transgender students ...

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