by Jeff Strite

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Are You A Son Of Thunder? (1 of 5)
Series: Real Life With Jesus
Jeff Strite
Luke 9:51-56

OPEN: I love basketball. I watch it whenever I can. I’ll watch it on TV, and once in a while I’ll even get a chance to watch a live game. Going to basketball game is different than watching the game on TV. When you go to a game, you’re going because you like one of the teams. You’re there to root for the players and encourage them on to victory. You’re there to experience their struggles and rejoice in their successes.

When you pay for your ticket, you go up into the bleachers, and if you’re smart you don’t go and sit in the wrong section - you sit with your team’s fans.

Each team has its own group of fans. Everybody on that basketball floor has people who are there to root for them. Everybody has someone there to shout out words of encouragement and support for everybody... everybody, that is, except one group of people. One group of people on the floor has no one rooting for them in the bleachers. Who might that be? The Referees.

Nobody ever says to them: "Great call, ref!"
Nobody ever approaches them after the game for their autograph.
Nobody ever takes them aside and invites them out for coke after game.

And even if the refs do an even handed job and call the game the way we would have, the best we do is tolerate them.
But more often we abuse them because they are obviously idiots (otherwise they’d have called it the way WE saw it).

My 1st church was in a small town of about 600 people. They had a High school there (combined with an elementary and middle school under the same roof). Most of the kids from my youth group went to that school, so I’d often go to the school’s basketball games as a way to meet people and show community support.
One night, the refs weren’t calling them the way I saw them. The crowd was raucous and you could hear things like this:
„« What, are you blind?
„« How could you miss that foul?
„« Hey, ref - who paid ...

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