by Kenton Beshore

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Death by Religion (1 of 8)
Series: Why Jesus Hates Religion
Kenton Beshore
Matthew 1:20

Reverend: Pull out your outlines. We're beginning this series, ''Why Jesus Hates Religion,'' and I know right away you say that, aren't you a religious guy? And isn't this a religious place? And so what is religion, as we start? Religion is our attempt to bridge the gap between God and us. It is our way of trying to understand the infinite. It's our way to try to know what is unknowable. Religion is trying to understand how to get from this life to the next life. Religion is a system of beliefs, practices, rules, where we're trying to connect with God. That's the definition of religion. And we can all agree that in religion there's some really good things. There's some beautiful things in religion. There's this sense of reverence and awe. There's architecture that's a part of our religious tradition where there are these powerful, spiritual places that you go into and it creates a great sense of awe. There is a sense of truth to live by, there's people to live with, sense of community. Lots of good things in religion so the question would be, why would Jesus hate that? And then there's a lot of weird things in religion, right? We can all agree with you're not so sure there's weird things in religion? Because the way we do things are right but the way other people do things are weird. But if you grew up in a church and your church people wore 3 piece suits and they came dressed and there was a sense of awe and music was kind of more quiet and there was a sense of reverence, you'd come into this and think, I don't think this is right. This is weird. What do you think? God can't hear? Does it need to be - so there's that. So you might think it's weird. What was that about everybody extending a hand? That's kind of a weird thing to do at kids, isn't it? Because we do it, it's not weird. But other people if you came in you'd go, that's weird.

I'll tell you what's weird to me ...

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