by Kenton Beshore

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Series: Why Jesus Hates Religion
Kenton Beshore

Reverend: How many of you got your Bible? Raise it. All of you that have your Bible, all of that have a Bible, the Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up the light of His countenance and give you peace. And those without your Bibles, Lord be sort of nice to you, but that’s it. So please bring your bibles because we want to make them a great tool for you.

Now, what changes a life? That’s what we’re talking about today. You know there’s three kinds of people it seems like: People who are on a diet, people who think they need to be on a diet, and people who are eating so they will soon need to be on a diet. And I have two friends that just went on a diet and you know, it’s no fun to be around them because they’re trying to lose weight so they did this bet. They’re going, “Okay, lets’ bet.” And they’re going to bet money, because money motivates people. Right? And I said, “Money’s not going to motivate you. I know what motives, shame motivates.

So what you’ve got to do is if you’re real serious, the one who doesn’t get the weight, if you don’t get to the weight by the end of the month, then – or this was like three month ago, so it’s the end of this month, you have to post a picture of yourself in a speedo on your uh on your refrigerator. So shame. I’m a Baptist, I know what motivates people. This is what works. So, that’s what they did and I’ll tell you one thing. I won’t tell you who it is, but I wouldn’t go to Paul Mephs [ph] house because he’s going to lose that bet. So. I can’t say that. So. What does motivate? Is it shame? You know. Is it – Then how do you lose weight? Is it just learning information, you know. Or is it – Mostly when it comes to losing weight, it’s an all outside in. You just you know, stop eating and you lose weight. Take more exercise. And is that basically what changes a spiritual life? Jus ...

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