by Kenton Beshore

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All the Worlds a Stage (3 of 8)
Series: Why Jesus Hates Religion
Kenton Beshore

Reverend: When you came in you got a cup. Okay? That cup is going to be a little craft so don’t write on it. But I got some cups here. This cup right here, what does this cup represent to you? All right, a cup a coffee, maybe the best cup of – you know, clearly you can get this cup of coffee most anyplace in the world. It might represent a space where you meet your friends. What’s this cup represent? A better cup of coffee, exactly. It is – it is clearly a better cup of coffee. If you know this one over so what’s that represent? Yeah, you know it. A cool cup of coffee. My son’s into coffee and yet clearly king it’s the son of Deitrichs?? That’s a cool cup of coffee because he’s into a whole bunch. And then this represents? The best cup of coffee because it’s my friend. All right. So, today we’re going to look at an incident where Jesus took a cup and He asked – and He said to people, He goes, “This cup represents your life, what does the cup say?” All right, so we’re on a series titled Why Jesus Hates Religion. And so, if you pull out your Bibles, how many of you got your Bible? Hold them up. Look at you. Blessings to you because today you’re going to write in the margins of your Bible and make your Bible a treasured tool. You’re going to love it more. And those of you who did not bring it, it won’t be a treasure, it will sit at home and be valueless to you.

So, Luke chapter 11. If you turn to Luke chapter 11, and we’re going to look at uh this incident where Jesus took a cup and my question to you is this, “Does Jesus really hate religion?” Here he is in this incident. You tell me. Does this look like you know like He’s kind of anti –antagonistic to religion? Here is says in verse 3 – You have it, Luke 11? If you can’t find it in your Bible, ask a friend or look at the Table of Contents. It’s uh the New Testaments’ the last third of the Bible. It’s Matthew, Mark, then Luke. Luk ...

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