by Kenton Beshore

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The Rest of the Story (4 of 8)
Series: Why Jesus Hates Religion
Kenton Beshore

Now life is challenging, right? And part of life is that the challenges of life, there’s some challenges that are just weights and so this backpack is kind of a symbol of the weight or what we carry in life. And there’s certain things in life that are important and they are weighty and they should be weighty and we really value carrying them through life. So one of those would be what?

(Different speaker) Family.

Well said. Family. Right. So we all like family, right? Whether you’re married, not married, family origin, or if you have kids. You know, that’s a weight that you go I like that weight and I should have that weight and family is important to me; my children, my marriage, that’s an important weight. (00:43.2) Another weight that you have is?

(Different speaker) Work.

Work. Well said. We agree with that, right? Work is important to you, right? Yes it is. God’s given you abilities and talents and you go at your work and you take pride in what you do. And so you go to work every day and that creates a certain amount of stress and weight, but again, not so much and you move through your day and you like that and it’s important to you and you go, yeah I can manage that.

And then another weight that you carry through your life that’s an important weight is? Health. Church. Love. Taxes. Stuff. All right? So there’s just stuff in life. You know, Christmas, Easter, you know, stuff. So there’s stuff in life and it’s important. You’ve got to manage stuff and so that’s not an overwhelming deal. And as you go through life you have a sense that you’re carrying something through your life, but all of its manageable and so you go through life and that’s a part of it.

But the problem is in life it doesn’t just stay manageable. There’s things in life that make life burdensome where you feel weighed down. You’re going through life and you go this is more than I want to carr ...

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