by Kenton Beshore

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Spiritual Change (1 of 7)
Series: Changeology
Kenton Beshore

Male Speaker 1: If you would pull out your outlines, we are beginning a series title Changeology and I’m so excited about it. Has God changed your life? You guys would say, “Yeah” and all of you, you would say, “Oh Gods love, his kindness, forgiveness, that sense of God sweeping through my life and changing my things you know.” And you’d probably tell emotional stories, you’d get teary eyed about how God has changed your life. But then if you had to sit and explain to somebody how it is exactly that God changed your life, could you do it? Would you know how to explain why there’s certain things that work and other things that don’t. why is it that there’s certain times in your life that you’re doing things and you can see the change and you sense that you’re walking with God, you feel his love, you sense his presence and your moving forward. And other times not so much.

Why is it, you know what is it that is your part that creates health, a vibrant growing spiritual life? And what is Gods part? Could you explain that? Most importantly, do you know where you need to go in the bible that is the definitive passage that would tell you exactly how change happens? Well God doesn’t want us to be confused; he doesn’t want us to wonder he doesn’t want us to live in a haze it all about what he’s doing in your life. So God has given to us a definitive passage and it is in Romans chapter 5, 6, 7, and 8 where God answers all of these questions and we’re going to spend from now on into summer just in these passages scripture talking about the theology of change or Changeology.

When I was a college pastor, a number of years ago, I was working with college students and they asked me a number of these questions and I always remem -- and at the time I couldn’t answer a lot of them and I was a little confused even in my own life. And I read a book that was a series of messages given by John Stud in Romans 5, 6, 7 ...

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