by Kenton Beshore

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The Wrong Change (2 of 7)
Series: Changeology
Kenton Beshore

All right, if you would, pull out your outlines. We are on the most exciting journey through Romans 5, 6, 7, and 8. We are talking about Changeology, the theology of change. I became a Christian, maybe you too, because you needed some things in your life to change. But how does it change? What's our part? What is God's part? We're learning this in Romans 5 through 8. If you're new, kind of a seeker, not committed, this is a great series to be in because it tells you -- this -- the Bible tells you how God changes a person who is a Christ follower.

Now the question that we want to look at today is, why don't some people change. I mean, we all have times in our lifetimes that we don't change and even more startlingly, there are some people in our life that we know that all of a sudden blow out and it doesn't seem like they change. I remember a guy who went to our church years ago, he was a -- he was a great guy. I really liked him. He loved the Lord. It was obvious that he was a Christian. He loved God's word. He had a great family and he served in a national ministry that stood against pornography. Remember one day coming to church, his wife in tears, she -- he just had left her. She had discovered that he had a year, two or three year addiction to pornography, and he just left. He left his family, he left the church, he left even the county, he just left. And you go, what happened there? What went wrong? What -- is God not working in his life? Is God's spirit not powerful? What happened in his life?

I remember a woman, who was a young, married woman who served in the Young Couples Ministry. She loved her husband. She had two kids. She loved the Lord. She came to church. She loved God's family. She loved God's word. She listened to it. And then, I remember coming to church one day seeing the husband with the two kids and he was in tears. What happened? Found out my wife had an affair for over a y ...

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