by Kenton Beshore

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Changed For Good (4 of 7)
Series: Changeology
Kenton Beshore

MALE SPEAKER 1: All right. If you would pull out your outlines, we are talking about change, the theology of change, changeology. And all of us want some change in our life so I would come to God, so I would come to church. We're looking for some huge change. We carry a weight of sin. We want some things to change. We need forgiveness and freedom. One of the things that I wanted when I came to God was I wanted a new direction for my life. I knew that the direction that I was going wasn’t going to take me where I wanted to be. So I came to God looking for a change in direction.

And what I thought was, when I came to God, that He would give me a map. You know I figured God is as smart as people are and for sure He'd have like a GPS or He would download a map quest kind of a deal for my life so that I could immediately go you know you go 0.8 miles then you turn right. You go four miles, you turn left. Go 18 miles turn this way, turn that way. And that God would give me that kind of map so that I would know exactly where I was at any given moment and where I was as far as where I was in going along in my journey.

But the big surprise was, you know what the Bible calls that kind of a lifestyle? Living according to the flesh. That's actually identified as living in the old sinful self. And that what I expected God to do wasn’t what God would do at all. In fact what God did totally surprised me.

God's plan in giving me new guidance, I mean God did give me guidance but what He did was so much more spectacular. First, instead of giving me a map saying here is how you go. He said I'm going to take you there. He didn't just say here's a map. He said this is all about relationship. You're going to walk with me. Well, how far should I go? You just walk with me. Well, when will I know if I get there? You just walk with me. It was all about the relationship. The second thing that was interesting, it was mo ...

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