by Kenton Beshore

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Life Changing Love (6 of 7)
Series: Changeology
Kenton Beshore

We only have two more weeks in our series on Changeology, the theology of change which next week, we're going to finish the last passage then in two weeks, we're going to come back and give kind of a summary of all that we learned. And I think this is one of my favorite series. And I hope that you're enjoying this because it's teaching us how God changes us. A lot of you've been e- mailing me jokes about change. I don't really tell jokes. But I thought for the last couple of weeks, you can e-mail me all the jokes and I'll read the best joke each week for the last week in change, kind of the big finale.

Here is the best joke so far on change. Woman goes into her doctor and she says, every time I see a quarter, nickel, dime, a penny, I begin to hyperventilate and the room begins to spin. Every time you see a quarter, nickel, penny, dime, you hyperventilate and the room begins to spin? Yeah. What's wrong? You're allergic to change. Okay, if you've got a better one than that, just e-mail me. And I know, that's right, okay. That's right, see, I don't tell jokes. I'm not a joke teller, all right.

All right, we all want change. We're talking about the theology of change. We want to be better people. We want to be different people. We don't want the sin, the brokenness in our life, the same things to take us down the same roads. We want to be different. We want to be loving and good and generous. We want to be people that are admirable. And we know that God can produce that change. But our question is how and why? I mean, what works at certain times in our life doesn't seem to work at other times in our life. How is God changing us? Romans 5, 6, 7 and 8 teaches us the theology of change, practically how God is changing us. Romans 5, He talks about how He changes us at the very core, make -- gives us peace with God and changes our relationship with God. He unites us with Christ in 6. 7, He gives us fr ...

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