by Kenton Beshore

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Snow Snakes (1 of 6)
Series: Outsiders
Kenton Beshore

I love our church & one of the reasons is the generosity of our hearts. You are a generous church. Alright so, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover and its 11 o’clock And are you like fully locked in and ready to go? Highly caffeinated alright? Cause this is not a message for the faint at heart. If you’re not ready to go maybe go out there, get a cup of coffee maybe get some caffeine, pull out your outlines we are going to talk about something that’s so exciting. So I have a friend, grew up in southern California, you know. This is way back when he was a little kid, like seven years old. He for the first time got to go back and visit his grandparents back east and it was over Christmas. It was snowing and he was literally trembling with excitement. He had never snow before. So he’s going I’m gonna run out there and play in the snow. And for whatever reason his grandparents said you can’t go out and play in the snow. And he looked at his grandparents and said I don’t care what you say, I’m going out and playing in that snow. And so a lot of parents say the things they say to their kids, why do grandparents say the things they say? So his grandparents said to him “well you can go out and play in the snow then but there are snow snakes out in the snow.” And he looked at them and said “there’s no such thing as snow snakes.” And they go “yes there are. And they, cause you don’t know you don’t live in the snow, they come out and live in the snow.” And this little 7-year-old kid couldn’t quite believe it and he goes “well do they bite?” and the grandfather said “no they don’t bite but they jump up your butt and the freeze you to death.” And this little kids is traumatized, he wants to go out in the snow. So he doesn’t go out and play in the snow for the whole week that he’s back with his grandparents. He comes back from his time back east and he comes back to school. And you know its after Christmas, and the teacher ...

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