by Kenton Beshore

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Series: Outsiders
Kenton Beshore

Reverend: Welcome everyone. I'm so glad that you're here. Today on your behalf after the service I'm going to go down to Mexico. We're dedicating the community center that we've been building. Lots of you physically have been building it, lots of you have been giving to make it happen. So we're going to have that great space down there dedicated. So if you would grab your Bibles and your outlines. We've got a great message for you today. I love adventure and when I was in college I took a series of rock climbing classes, the beginner, intermediate, and then advanced. And at each level it became more and more exciting. But the most fun part was learning to ultimately rappel. You know you learn in the beginning parts all the different things and you'd climb but you wouldn't get too high up. And the intermediate okay, but in the final one you really got to get to some pretty high places and do some pretty complicated climbs.

But rappelling off of it was one of the most exciting things. I remember the first time I rappel it was a 130 feet cliff because that's as long as the rope is. And then what you do is you had to have this moment. You've done all this training, you've learned different things, different levels, but at this point you're up really high. When you're at 130 feet it's pretty scenic, you can see a long way and the cliff is pretty nasty. And it was one of those where you go off of it but then it was like a spider where you just come down and not touch anything which made it even more exciting. But there's this moment when you're rappelling where you have to lean out against the rope. The instructors taught you everything that they know and they can't teach you anymore and now you just have to lean against the rope. And I can remember you know you believe the rope will hold you but now you're all in and you've got to lean.

And right at the point when you start to lean against the rope becaus ...

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