by Kenton Beshore

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Faith and Doubt (3 of 6)
Series: Outsiders
Kenton Beshore

Well welcome 11 o’clock. You all ready? Caffeinated? You know I got to tell you those who come on Saturday night, they start their Sabbath on Saturday night and you know they just watch football all day long. Just if that would fit into your schedule you’re welcome to come on Saturday nights. If you would pull out your outlines and your bibles. Those of you that brought a bible, I appreciate it, I want to give a special blessing to you, whether its technology or with paper, may your children treat you better and with greater honor. So those of you that didn’t bring a bible, your kids are just gonna blow up on you and your going next week I’m bringing a bible. All right. Just to help you get here. On the best selling list for the New York Times and the LA Times in the non-fiction category are two books about Jesus. Isn’t that interesting? What are people reading? They want to read about Jesus. One of them is called killing jesus by O’riley. And the other, which is, actually Reza Aslan calls number 1 on the best selling list zealot. What’s interesting about his book is he has actually done an interview that has 5 million views. So people are very interested in this book. And the thesis of his book is this; the New Testament writers did not report the truth. Jesus was a militant peasant form Galilee. And he was a zealot he wanted to overthrow Rome and become the king of the Jews. He failed and was crucified. And as a result his followers wrote stories about him and they made them up. And so he becomes this celestial being a heavenly being that has no interest in this earth. As they are writing about him, trying to start a new religion. But what’s most fascinating as you think about it is, your friends your neighbors are interested about Jesus. And why that’s important is this. Where is the starting point of faith? Everything has a starting point; you go where does faith have a starting point. Some people g ...

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