by Kenton Beshore

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The Upside Down Kingdom (4 of 6)
Series: Outsiders
Kenton Beshore

Well welcome all of you. You look more rested and better looking cause you’ve got extra sleep. Welcome all of you that are online. What’s interesting is I met another family this last week that watches online. And they are doing in Cabo San Lucas and so they don’t have a church there. But every week I meet more and more. I think we have more people watching online then actually show up now, so welcome to you and all of you tat are out in the video experiences. Welcome.

So if you pull out your outlines we are going through a series in the gospel of Luke. And as we start I want to ask you this question, if it was 1775 what would be some things you would not want to be invested in? Tea, that’s a good one. Anything that had to do with the British Empire in America, if you were heavily invested in the British Empire in America in 1775 that would be a very bad investment since the revolution began in 1776. That would go that’s not gonna work for you. And what I want you to think about today, what if there are some things you’re invested in with your time, talents, your energy that really because there’s a resolution going on. Its 1775 and you stand to loose a lot cause you have reinvest a lot of who you are in some things that simply are not going to last because there is a revolution going on. In the passage we are gonna look at today we are gonna see the beginning of a Jesus revolution. And this revolution is about a new king with a new kingdom that has whole new values. And for some of you that have been Christians I think that I will be challenging you because it is about this whole reversal that Jesus does. He turns everything upside down. For those of you that aren’t Christ followers. Your kind new to the bible thing and church, you’re just kinda trying to figure things out, you’ll love this cause you’ll get to see clearly what Jesus is all about. And that’s really the purpose of Luke. Luke i ...

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