by Kenton Beshore

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A Tale of Two Kingdoms (5 of 6)
Series: Outsiders
Kenton Beshore

Well welcome all of you we’re glad that you’re here for all of those of you that are online we’re glad that you are joining us that way and other venues that we have. So welcome this is a great day. So last week we talked about being a neighbor. Jesus said Love God; Love your neighbor as yourself. And we concluded that we could in no way say that we love our neighbors if we don’t know their names. Right? So lots of us are trying to make sure we know our neighbors names. Writing maybe some cards, maybe coming up with some plans to make some cookies and do that. Lots of you are doing that right? Ok not very convincing. So you need to make sure and do that cause we’re gonna come back to this even next week a little bit and then in other weeks so that we’re be people who take that seriously. Right?

Alright if you would pull out your outlines. And we are continuing through a series in the gospel of Luke, which is the outsider’s story of Jesus’ life. We’ve started by asking the question where does faith begin. For lots of us we think faith begins maybe as our parents teach about God. Maybe when you went to Sunday school, maybe when you went to church, or temple or synagogue. You learned some basic things about God. Is that where faith begins? And then as you got older and those were adult questions, kinda crushed your childhood beliefs. And maybe walked away from what you believed. So did you loose your faith? Where does faith start? Or how do you believe or how do you re-believe? Well we’re discovering is the beginning point for faith is a person of Jesus. Its what you know about Jesus and what you believe about Jesus. That’s what faith is, it’s believing in Jesus. So we’re going through this account that Luke wrote that teaches us about Jesus. Now today we’re gonna look at Jesus’ life. We’re gonna look at a very familiar passage in Luke Chapter 2. And for some of you who’ve never crossed the faith ...

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